What You Need To Know About Filing A Lawsuit When You Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer Jacksonville

The majority of the injury claims are associated with an idea that an entity or another individual was negligent and played a role in the cause for the injuries. An example of this is when a doctor had failed to order standard tests which caused a delay in a serious illness diagnosis. The patient can then make the decision to make a claim that their doctor acted negligently. Another similar situation includes car accident victims that often claim negligence when another driver was intoxicated, texting or speeding while driving.

There are a number of factors involved in finding out whether you do not or do have a case for a personal injury. This includes the severity of your injuries, if the injury was avoidable or not, and whether you had any fault.

Your personal injury lawyer Jacksonville will conduct a very thorough investigation involving these questions to help determine the case, as well as how much compensation you could potentially receive associated with the damages. Some of the damages that you can receive compensation for include future as well as current medical expenses, loss in wages or loss of your earning capacity, suffering and pain which includes emotional and physical.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer Jacksonville?

Most law firms in Jacksonville that specialize in personal injury cases work on what is known as the contingency-fee base. What this means is that the lawyer does not receive any fees unless they successfully obtain compensation for you, whether this comes through the verdict from a jury or judge or through a settlement. The fee is typically a percentage based on either the verdict or settlement. The compensation you will be awarded will depend on how severe your case is. For example, a few clients receive thousands, while some obtain millions. To obtain an estimate on the worth of your case, contact a professional personal injury attorney today.

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